You write what? Erotica-ewww

Tomorrow, SirenBookstrand is ‘epublishing’ my first book, Star Brides: Procured, upon which Siren has bestowed an ‘sextreme’ rating . Yep, I write erotica. Sex. Explicit.  You know, no cute phrases, polite euphemisms. Okay, you got it, right?

Why, you ask? Writing erotica is a lot of fun. The genre takes me away from reality when I need a vacation but can’t leave the room. And I’m not alone. It’s been estimated that romances account for 1.08 billion dollars in sales yearly. Yet erotica, and romances in general, are often discounted as somehow not being ‘real’ literature. Another knock on the genre- it’s chick lit. or only women read that stuff. Although that’s probably fairly accurate, so what. Women enjoy fantasies, fetishes and kinks. Women lust and love. Erotica portrays women as real people with real needs. And women have the money to support their choice in literature.

Admitting to writing erotica carries a certain amount of risk though. When I tell people my choice of genre, some look at me like I kill puppies for a living. In a writer’s group I once belonged to, one guy replied that, no, I killed pussies. Ha ha ha…

When an author writes a mystery about a serial killer, others don’t usually ask the writer how it feels to kill someone. When an author writes erotica the unspoken speculations hang in the air.

I made my spousal unit read Procured before I signed the contract with Siren. I felt he really needed to know what I was writing. The next day he proudly told everyone in his office about my new career venture. He even ‘friended’ me on Facebook. God I love that man.  I received interesting reactions from my offspring, one of whom is uncomfortable with the idea of mom writing about sex. She thinks it’s ‘weird.’ The others were accepting of my choice, if not overly enthusiastic. My mother-in-law wanted to know if any family members were identifiable. Maybe she’ll be a little nicer from now on.

So, while I feel validated as a writer through the publication of Star Brides, it is with mixed feelings that I leave you. I’m pretty sure not everyone would agree that I’ve earned the title of ‘author’. Hell with ’em. Just for tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy this. You only publish your first book once.










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