This Momma Never Sleeps

She won’t be three until  next July, that beautiful little girl with the shiny coffee colored hair. Her expressive brown eyes look through you, not acknowledging your presence. She sees a different world, the one inside her head. She doesn’t really talk to you, or anyone else. She mumbles in a sing song language all her own.

Doctors have just saddled this little girl, and her family,  with an autism diagnosis. At the severe end of the autism spectrum, Gabriella is nonverbal. Like many other autistic children, deviations in her routine are met with resistance. This can make the introduction of new foods challenging.

There are therapies available to help autistic children overcome their social and physical developmental delays. Many times, especially for families in rural areas, the waiting list is long and the therapy center far away. But, early interventions give autistic children their best shot at normalizing their lives

This leaves many families having to make terrible choices. Of course they love their child and want the best for them. The associated costs of therapy, like gas, food, and perhaps lodging, can mangle a family’s budget. It is for this reason that ‘Gabriella’s Voice’ a GoFundMe account was established.

Any donation, even 1.00, will go toward helping this family get the treatment Gabriella needs. 

Oh, and sleep disturbances are another challenge autistic families face. Gabriella rarely sleeps throughout the night. Guess what that means for Momma?

To Donate:


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