Sex and physics.

Ok, it’s time. The first sex scene between my book’s main characters awaits. I’ve thought about how to bring them together. What will the proper setting look like? Under what conditions should they have sex? Would sex be the right response given their personalities? Every torturous elliptical session this week has been devoted to mentally slogging through those, and other, concerns .

Sit down and write it already-right? Yeah. So, I climb the stairs to my perch in the loft supremely confident in the brilliance of my concept. I fire up the ole computer and…and….stop. That wont work. There is no way humanly possible two people could have sex like that. No way.  Well, maybe if she were 12 feet tall and he had sucker pads on his fingertips. Okay, let me think about that….naw. Won’t work. Next scenario: If she’s over here, and he’s…no, wait. She’ll be sucking the light switch that way.

Now, I’m right back where I was last week-looking at a blank screen. Since sex is an almost universal constant, writing a few pages about it shouldn’t be so difficult. Yet it is. Striving to meld creativity, originality, and edge with anatomically possible positions presents challenges.

Editors and reviewers of erotica warn writers that they are on the hunt for impossible sex. Violators will be punished. The offending authors’ works are often returned unread and unreviewed. Or not returned at all, with the editor/reviewer’s disapproval deafening in its silence.

Word choice poses another conundrum. Erotica demands authenticity of its authors. No polite euphemisms, or prevarications allowed. Okay, but how many ways can I describe a breast, a kiss, or having sex, and keep it new and interesting?

See what I mean? Writing about all this sex stuff isn’t as easy as it sounds. When I write my main character’s next sexual encounter, I’m bringing a ruler, level, and thesaurus with me.






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