Like all other higher life forms….

…I too am trainable. When Star Brides: Procured appeared on Siren’s website, I figured my work was done. Wooohooo-published, nothing more to do. Hahahaha! Nope. Marketing, promoting, and getting ‘it’ out there now competes for my attention with pretty much everything else.

For a week I’ve engaged social media in a wrestling match. In an attempt to further promote SB:P, I’ve embarked on a mission to develop landing pages. The concept is simple. Just create a stand alone page touting the book-or whatever you’re trying to promote- and then ensure potential readers ‘land’ there by using amazingly brilliant SEO words.

I confess. When considering anything computer the easier the directions are, the more likely I am to try whatever it is. It’s not that I’ve never used computers before today, it’s just that I don’t really enjoy web design, html coding, or any of that stuff. Probably cuz I’m not very good at it. Descriptors such as ‘minimal design,’ ‘free’  and ‘easy’  along with beautifully presented examples, were very seductive.  So much so that I decided to give this a shot.

The first blog I checked warned that creating a landing page utilizing their site would be a ‘back breaking task’ as everything had to be done ‘manually.’ Okay, next.

Eventually I found a couple of sites that seemed workable for someone with my limited skills and nonexistent budget. After spending a frustrating few hours messing around and accomplishing absolutely nothing, I experienced an epiphany. Read the directions.

The ‘how to’s’ suggested starting with a blank page, one without prior formatting. Therein lay my problem. In a universe filled with possibilities, I admit I may have overlooked some crucial direction or other, however ‘free’ site and ‘no prior formatting’ appear to be mutually exclusive concepts. The blog creators, attempting to help us blogging noobs, loaded these babies with established formatting. Not an empty smidge of space, free from text boxes, built in sidebars, widgies or whatever the hell else, existed.

Aanndddd more hours later, I decided it all came down to shape. My book cover is ‘vertically’ rectangular, while the sites I  worked with accommodated ‘horizontal’ rectangles best. Sometimes ya just gotta roll with it…

Several more hours later, Ta Da! landing pages. Take a look, let me know what you think.

Landing Page One:

Landing Page Two:



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