Sideways Resolutions

Oh, January. Looking at the frozen tundra outside, the reality of a new year seeps in with the cold. But this isn’t about the cold. I can handle that.

Ever wonder about the concept of New Year’s resolutions? How January 1st became the be all and the end all for new beginnings? Maybe it’s the sense of release that wiping the slate clean brings. I’m free! Free of all those stupid things that have happened, or I’ve done, over the past year. New beginnings right?!

Well, maybe. New Year’s resolutions can return to bite us in the ass. Our promises to ourselves loom ever larger as the year marches on.  As the reality of the impossible sets in, we realize we’ve set ourselves up for failure. And that sucks.

But still, it’s a new year and well, everyone has resolutions. Don’t they?

So. Okay. Here are mine:

  1. Clean the oven. Yes, my oven is self-cleaning. Should be an easy one-just push the damn button and walk away. But when I do that, the oven smokes. A lot. It’s too cold to open the windows, and running around removing the batteries from all the smoke alarms is a pain in the ass. This may be one of those ‘failure’ resolutions.
  2. Paint the basement stairs. Not a big deal-latex paints make winter time painting doable. Right? Yeah, I just don’t want to. Move to ‘failure’ column too.
  3. Schedule a ‘this is how we do it day.’ Over the holiday one of my daughters visited. She wanted to bake, which meant setting the oven timer. When I walked into the kitchen, both my spousal unit and child were huddled over the stove. The oven flashed and beeped its distress. Never have I seen a more pissed off appliance. I had to unplug it in order to reset its innards. I won’t let anyone touch the washer or dryer now.

To be fair-if my life depended on starting the snowblower or ATV (with plow blade), I might as well be belly up dead. My spousal unit travels, so in the event of a snowfall not knowing how these machines work could render me housebound for days.

Thus the idea of a ‘this is how we do it’ day was born. It’s a little like job shadowing, but in a practical way. Probably won’t get to it until spring though…

There you have it, my resolution list moving into 2019. What are yours?





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